About The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractic is the fastest-growing chiropractic franchise in the nation. With over 500 locations, The Joint has revolutionized access to chiropractic care by making it more affordable, convenient and accessible than ever before. With 7 million patients in 2019 and exceptional unit economics, The Joint is helping entrepreneurs and chiropractors own a business that meets the tremendous need for holistic relief from chronic back and neck pain.

What We Did

With over 500 locations, this upstart chain wasn’t always as successful as it is today. We engaged with The Joint Chiropractic when the chain was just over 100 locations and had hit a wall with growth momentum. To break through to the next level, The Joint Chiropractic needed to generate leads for entrepreneurs and Doctors of Chiropractic directly and in larger numbers.

Brand Journalists built a robust, funnel-based recruitment website designed to educate two different types of buyers. We launched targeted campaigns to generate, educate and qualify prospects and helped train both the sales team and the area reps to work these leads.

The Results

Brand Journalists was able to help The Joint Chiropractic grow from 100 locations and 500 locations, as of 2020.

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