About TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind about their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to more than 200 locations throughout North America and continues to expand in new and existing markets.

What We Did

Identified target franchise buyer personas
Built and managed a franchise advertising budget
Built a storytelling recruitment website designed to convert – increased conversion rate from 1.2% to over 10%
Launched blogging, PPC, SEM, Email, SEO and Social Ad campaigns designed to intersect buyers
Constantly refined targeting based on actual sales performance

The Results

Brand Journalists helped TeamLogic IT see record growth in recent years.

Going from a plateau of 50 locations in 2014 to reaching almost 200 by the end of 2019.

TeamLogic  IT has established itself as the leading IT Franchise and is increasing its growth for 2020, five years into a profitable partnership with Brand Journalists.

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