About Sonic

SONIC, America’s Drive-In, is a franchise dynamo currently experiencing its biggest growth era ever. Founded over 60 years ago, SONIC is one of the nation’s most recognized brands, with more than 3,600 locations and millions of fans across the country. As one of the pioneers in customization, SONIC is also one of the most forward-looking franchise brands in the industry. With outstanding marketing, innovative technology, and a menu that maximizes all five-day parts, the future of SONIC is brighter than ever before.

What We Did

Sonic is one of the largest and most successful fast-food franchises in the country. Despite this, SONIC struggled to communicate its unique value proposition to franchise investors. A slimmed-down franchise page on the consumer site matched with watered-down content failed to covert high traffic and enormous brand awareness into a viable pipeline.

Brand Journalists created a deep and rich research website with a complex brand story that explained the full context of what made the SONIC brand so successful. After launching the new site in 2016, we created, launched and managed targeted digital marketing campaigns to generate interest from qualified prospects. In 2019, we launched the second version of this site.

The Results

Website lead conversion was hovering around 50 inquires a month prior to Brand Journalists and now the same traffic produces over 350 inquires a month, a 600% increase in lead generation.

It wasn’t just a flood of leads – SONIC was able to convert these into a full pipeline of multi-unit deals and was able to sign agreements for over 100 new locations a year, four years in a row. SONIC out performs its direct competitors by a large margin as a result.

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