High-Quality Video Content is the #1 Most Effective Marketing Tool

So what type of video content will be most effective for your business?

The best way to grow your business, build brand awareness and cultivate loyal customers is to bring your brand to life through emotionally compelling video content. Whether you need franchise development videos for your emerging brand, video ads, or special event filming, our team is ready.

This is where Brand Journalists excel.

At Brand Journalists, our in-house video production team has produced thousands of videos for businesses big and small in just about every industry around the world. We specialize in producing high-quality video content that is designed to resonate with your target audience.


Video journalism is a hugely popular form of content, increasing in popularity in recent years. Don’t be behind the curve. Let Brand Journalists award winning video production team take your ideas to the next level. Whether you’re needing several brand story videos for your new franchise development website, or just need to hire for a special event, we are here to help. Fill out the form below with some information on your video needs, and we’ll be in touch to give you a quote!

The Brand Story

This video package is designed to bring your brand to life. Through an in-depth journalistic discovery process, we learn all that we can about your brand, and then show the world your story and the true value of your business from the perspective of your team, from the C-Suite to the lowest level employees. This will also provide you with a large amount of high-quality footage and images to use for additional video content, such as social media posts and videos for your website.

Social Media Ads

Social media video ads are the most efficient way to put your brand in front of a huge amount of eyes and ears. But you won’t have much success with just any content. Your message needs to stand out amidst the endless barrage of content that viewers take in every time they look at their phones. For starters, we specialize in creating short, hard-hitting ads that grab viewers’ attention and plant the seeds of brand recognition within the first 5 seconds.

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Product and Realestate Photography/Videography

You’ve spent countless hours and dollars getting your product just right, now it’s time to show it off in the best possible light, literally. We’ll shoot your product up close and personal with professional lighting and high-quality backdrops.

Training Videos

One of the fastest and most effective ways to bring your new hires up to speed is with clear, high-quality training videos. We’ll spend a day with your trainer(s), filming them explaining and demonstrating your processes in a series of engaging and interesting videos.

Animated Explainer Videos

Depending on your specific needs, an animated video may be the most effective option. Our team is skilled in creating custom motion graphics with text that will engage your viewers through unique visuals that are limited only by your imagination.

A Day in the Life

Show your business’s value in a raw and intimate way with a documentary style video. We’ll come to you and spend a day or two filming a compelling story that your audience will connect with on a deeper level than the typical marketing video.

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