RIP Ray Bradbury

Author Ray Bradbury at his home in Los Angeles

I’m a writer and a lover of science fiction.

It was with a heavy heart that I learned about the passing of Ray Bradbury this week. NPR broadcast a poem that really resonated with me:

I send my rockets forth between my ears, hoping an inch of will is worth a pound of years, aching to hear a voice cry back along the universal mall: We’ve reached Alpha Centauri. We’re tall, oh God, we’re tall – Ray Bradbury.

Much of our work at Brand Journalists is telling stories about driven entrepreneurs in the franchise industry. Our clients are a diverse bunch but they all have one thing in common: like Ray Bradbury, they launch rockets in their mind and as a result, achieve great things in life. Willpower and imagination are cornerstones of great business leaders and Bradbury understood this. Achievements take a leap of faith.

Science fiction makes it easier for people to take leaps of imagination. In an alternate reality where anything is possible, a larger number of people can see the possibilities without fear of failure or a quick dismissal of the outcome.

RIP Ray Bradbury – you will be missed!

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