Thomas ScottCEO & Founder

     Franchise Lead Generation Expert and Corporate Storyteller

    “Our mission: break down barriers to discovery and help worthy brands grow”

    Thomas Scott has helped over 50 franchise brands create breakthroughs in franchise development. His clients include some of the fastest growing brands in the franchise industry – Menchie’s, Marco’s, Chem-Dry and many others. He has been a regular speaker and roundtable facilitator at IFA conferences and is a prolific author, writing highly read articles on franchise lead generation and franchise sales topics. He is the co-author of the Franchise Sales Tipping Point book with collegue Joe Mathews, he was listed as one of the top 50 content marketers by Kapost and his brand journalism lead generation tactics have been featured in

    Thomas is a master storyteller and uses his team of experienced business writers to master SEO, PPC and online visibility for brands so they are best positioned to intersect potential franchisees. His team has consistently outperformed other vendors in the franchise industry by a large margin. A large percentage of the Brand Journalists staff are former business and newspaper reporters – people highly trained to write in a journalistic style.

    In addition to content marketing for franchise lead generation, his team builds award winning franchise recruitment websites that typically perform at 400% the industry average. Brand Journalists also leverages documentary filmmakers to create thought provoking, documentary-style videos for franchise development teams.

    Thomas Scott | SalesThomas founded the first FranCamp, which evolved into the IFA’s FranTech conference in an effort to share digital marketing best practices with Franchisors.

    Thomas is a pioneer in the Content Marketing and Brand Journalism movement and has created breakthroughs for his franchise clients by building high performance recruitment websites and managing lead generation efforts. His campaigns involve journalism-style marketing that helps brands intersect prospective franchisees when and where they are looking for information.

    “One of the great things about the work we do at Brand Journalists is that we get to look behind the curtains at lots of successful franchise systems,” says Thomas. “We understand many of the common problems sales teams run into and have one of the best perspectives on how to solve these problems. We’re committed to making franchising better by sharing best practices and our insights into how to best grow a franchise system.”

    His team of professionals at Brand Journalists has been creating dramatic increases in franchise sales for clients since 2009 and from 2012-2015, Brand Journalists was the exclusive provider of all Franchise Performance Group websites and lead generation services for its clients.

    Thomas was a mult-unit franchisee and became a franchsior in 2004. He successfully grew his franchise system, Showhomes, using the same tactics he uses with other franchise clients today. While at Showhomes Thomas operated as a VP of Operations, VP of Franchise Developement and VP of Marketing, giving him a unique persepctive on how to help a franchise system evolve.

    An accomplished photojournalist awarded the Oakes award for environmental journalism, two Pulitzer nominations and inclusion in the Best of Newspaper Writing annual,  Thomas believes that tough markets call for creative, outside the box thinking and present golden opportunities for those that can visualize a path.

    Thomas is married and a proud father of four.