About Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the most recognized pizza brands in the U.S. – and for good reason. After pioneering the Hot-N-Ready concept, and focusing on affordable pizza that doesn’t compromise on quality ingredients, Little Caesars has rapidly grown across the nation. With thousands of locations open, the next frontier is international expansion. In 2020, Little Caesars is developing in Canada and 21 other countries around the world.

What We Did

We worked with the Little Caesars franchise development team to launch targeted franchise lead generation campaigns that targeted both individual and master franchisees in a diverse set of countries.

We built recruitment sites, landing pages, launched digital ads and facebook campaigns, allowing the development team to get in front of large numbers of prospects. American franchise brands are HOT internationally and buyers are seeking connections with brands like Little Caesars but have few ways to connect.

The Results

Little Caesars went from generating just a handful of international inquires to generating well over 1,000 international inquires, all targeted in specific countries.

Using modern translate functions on social ad platforms, language has not been an issue. Cost Per Lead for real international master leads is low, often between $10-20 a lead, creating a full pipeline.

Little Caesars is coming to a country near you as a result!

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