Beep-beep! AAMCO, one of the nation’s first franchise systems, has been the world’s leading transmission repair franchise for over 50 years. This exceptional track record of expertise in fixing the hardest part of the car is now being leveraged to take on the cars coming online today and tomorrow: electric cars and hybrids. Supercharged with innovative technology and one of the most robust training platforms in the entire industry, AAMCO has also simplified the business model to become more inclusive to entrepreneurs with zero experience in the auto industry. As cars become more and more complex, AAMCO is poised to be the leader in complex car repair going forward.

What We Did

Half a century and a few changes in ownership and market direction don’t guarantee success. In 2015, Aamco was poised for strong market resurgence but had to overcome some prior negative publicity and figure out how to connect to a new generation of franchisees.

Brand Journalists produced a year of positive content that reshaped the public perception of the brand, helping make way for a new recruitment website that told the story in much deeper detail. Brand Journalists launched aggressive digital marketing, video storytelling and helped train a new sales team.

The Results

Aamco outpaced every major car repair brand between 2016 and 2019, becoming a success story in a segment full of declining major auto repair franchise brands.

Lead generation increased at a rate of over 350% and most importantly, cost per deal dropped from over $25,000 to well under $8,000.

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