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Franchise Lead Generation

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Are You Struggling to Find Franchise Buyers?

Are you struggling to grow your franchise system or having a difficult time with franchise lead generation?

Do you have profitable and happy franchise owners? Did you know you could recruit more new franchisees if you cut through the clutter and let your story be heard?

Are you inundated with portal leads who never seem to answer phone calls or punch out early in the process? Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars a month on hit-or-miss franchise lead generation tactics, only to have little to show for your efforts?

Franchise lead generation has changed!

We are in the era of self-directed research. Google estimates that 70% of the decision to buy is now made prior to opt-in, or prior to the first time a candidate speaks with a recruiter

It's a new era of franchise lead generation

The Engagement Age has changed the lead generation game for many franchisors.

Many franchisors have not kept current with how franchise buyers research franchises and make buying decisions. Qualified franchise buyers do substantial online research before opting in and making their presence known. Smart franchisors know how to earn a franchise buyer’s trust by being transparent with information through their franchise websites. Franchisors who don’t understand what franchise buyers want withhold information and demand a conversation — only to find dead air on the other end of the phone. Then they make up excuses: “These leads are no good,” or “They must be tire-kickers,” or “These leads are unqualified,” even though they have no information to back up their claims.

The engagement age means it's essential to have powerful franchise websites

Brand Journalists has determined that when franchisors don’t offer franchise buyers the information they want, when and how they want it, the franchise buyer gravitates toward other franchisors who do. Then many of those “no good, tire-kicking, unqualified” leads become franchisees of other, more sophisticated and buyer-friendly chains.

How we do lead generation

High-performing franchise websites from Brand Journalists

We are students of franchise buyer behavior, and we believe in the concept that it only takes one lead to recruit one franchisee. To maximize performance and get the highest return on its advertising spend, a franchise brand needs to do an excellent job getting its brand story in front of qualified candidates who want what it has to sell.

We understand how to identify the right candidates, and as former journalists and business writers, we understand how to create meaningful and interesting content that catches a candidate’s attention and drives up the engagement level. To do this, we start with building a high-performance, article-format franchise recruitment website. We follow this with strategic SEO, aggressive content marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, online PR, and maximizing PPC and SEM advertising.

Our combo approach of building best-in-class franchise websites and following with long-term, retainer-based relationships has helped many major franchise brands break through the barriers to franchise growth.

Because we study the brands we work with, we are also able to target the right kind of buyer — someone who not only has the financial qualifications but who also is a great fit and is more likely to become a top-performer in your system. We do this at a low cost-per-close, and our clients often see the majority of their development come through our efforts — as well as seeing their average cost-per-close drop to below the industry average.

Franchise recruitment: We get results

The Engagement Age of franchise recruitment requires an “Engagement Age” franchise lead generation strategy. Here are some recent breakthroughs we have created for high-profile brands:

Chem-Dry has succeeded with our franchise websitesChem-Dry Carpet Cleaning predicts it will add 100 franchises, with more than 70% coming from its franchise website, chemdryfranchise.com. IIn 2011, Chem-Dry generated only 30 website leads per month and recruited fewer than 10 new franchisees for the year. In 2012, Chem-Dry launched a more robust franchise lead generation website and began content marketing to engage potential franchise buyers. Chem-Dry’s results shot up from 10 franchisees in 2011 to more than 70 for both 2012 and projected 2013, resulting in an increase of $1 million in franchise fee revenues per year, exceeding most residential home service brands.

Menchie's continues to succeed with the help of our franchise lead generation effortsMenchie’s Frozen Yogurt enhanced their franchise opportunity website, menchiesfranchise.com, implemented “Engagement Age” content marketing, PPC, SEM, and other forms of lead generation. Menchie’s doubled lead generation and recruited a total of 90 franchisees through the end of August, leading the frozen dessert category.

Marco's Pizza and Brand Journalists: Franchise Lead Gen

Marco’s Pizza averaged 40 website leads a month. We launched their new franchise website, marcosfranchising.com, in 2013, and it now generates more than 250 leads a month, creating a breakthrough in franchise sales results and a 654% increase in lead generation.

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